Bring play to the workday

Icebreakers for Google Meet

Whether you're getting to know a new employee, wanting to learn more about the people you already work with, or simply need a creativity break during a long meeting, Recess is a great way to introduce some fun back into the workday.

Recess Chrome Extension


Does everyone need Recess installed to play?

In short: Yes. In order to see and answer questions, each user will need to have the extension installed.

We have seen people using Recess when others don't have it by just reading the prompts aloud for everyone (definitely not as fun though 😁).

Can we get some different questions?

Yes! We're working on this, and your feedback is extremely helpful in determining what to add.

If you have a type of question you'd like to see, or a particular icebreaker you think would work well on Recess, please send it our way via this form.

Can I install it for the whole team?

The short answer at the moment is no, because Recess is currently in private Beta.

However, you will be able to do so once Recess is publicly available. To install for all of your users, contact your Google Workspace admin who will be able to install onto all the user accounts in your team globally. Information on how to do this can be found here.

Is this just for Chrome?

For now, the extension only works on Chrome browsers.

Can I use Recess in Zoom or other video chat apps?

Recess is only available on Google Meet for the time being.

Recess is blocking someone's face! Can I fix this?

Yes! The panel can be dragged anywhere on the screen. Simply hover your cursor over the top of the panel, where the prompt text and "R." logo are, and you'll be able to click and drag Recess to a different location.

Alternatively, you can hide the entire panel by clicking the small "X" in the upper right corner, or clicking into the Recess menu and selecting "Hide."

The Recess panel is too big for my screen, what can I do?

Zooming in or out will solve this problem. We're working on a better solution, but hopefully this helps for now!

On your keyboard try holding the Command (⌘) key and then press the minus key (-) to zoom out. This will cause Recess to shrink in size and take up less space. If you need to zoom back in, simply hold the Command (⌘) key and then press the plus key (+) to zoom in.

I'm experiencing a bug, can you help?

Many bugs can be resolved by refreshing your Google Meet (Command-R), or by leaving the MEet and rejoining. If this does not solve your issue, please be patient as hopefully we will have a fix out soon!

We're still working to make Recess the best it can be, so if you experience a bug, please let us know via this feedback form, or by emailing us at